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Here's my drawing for a "Japanese-Style Illustration" contest :D
As you may have guessed, many people who've submitted paintings for this competition did either samurai, traditional kimono and stuff paintings, or both. There are many amazing drawings over there.. Anyway I've decided to take a different direction and went for something more modern, that being Japanese street fasion! I really love that stuff, all the color @_@... One style in particular captured my eye, And that is Decora Kei, the color-and-candy stuff! Mixed a bit of lolita in there too, for good measure ^^;
Hope you like it!

My drawing in the contest album, if you want to like it over there:


Eyal degabli decora eyal degabli
Eyal degabli decora sk1
Eyal degabli scraps 40 sk2

A different attempt, later I wanted a more interesting pose