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Concept Design Project, YUKI
Made my own version to Snow White :)

Here's the story:
Yuki is the daughter and heir to a megacorportaion. Her mother having died at her birth, her father remarried to a beautiful but conniving woman.

As Yuki grew, her stepmother began viewing her as a threat, as she would inherit all of the corporation's funds. The mother then sends a ninja assassin to escort Yuki on a trip downtown and then kill her. At the end he couldn’t do it, as she was too precious. Instead he let her get away.

Living on the streets from then on, surviving day by day without the comforts of her past, she stumbles upon an old shack in the slums, with strange, unfamiliar equipment, Falling asleep there.

She awoke to the sight of seven weird looking creatures, short and deformed. However they didn't threaten her. And decided to let her stay, and show her how to hack computers. The mutants are a group of ostracized hackers who data mine the cyberspace, gaining information and selling it for currency.
While the mutants are connected to the cyberspace, they are not aware of the environment around them.

Yuki starts hacking, trying to find interesting data on the web, in which the stepmother, her stepmother finds her using the “Mirror” supercomputer. She tracks her whereabouts, and sends a drone her way. The mutants, however manage to take control of it and stop it in time.

Deciding on a more clever route, the stepmother sets a trap for Yuki on the cyberspace. She crates a fake data that would supposedly incriminate her, so that Yuki would use it against her, taking her down and return home. The data, called “The Apple” however, is a deadly Trojan virus.
Yuki finds it and can't resist opening the data. Upon opening, she immediately shuts down and falls into a coma. The mutants discover this, and seeing it's too late, place her in a stasis chamber at a forgotten lab, freezing her in this state.

One day a notorious hacker comes to visit the mutants, they had numerous dealings in the past. They show him the stasis chamber. As a self proclaimed “Prince of Hackers” he told them that there is no virus that he cannot fix. And so he sat for days without sleep. However he could not break the malicious program that crashed Yuki. In his frustration and lack of sleep, he stumbles upon an electric wire powering the chamber. Setting forth a large jolt. The shutdown combined with the electric shock must have “rebooted” Yuki, and so she suddenly awoke.

They got together, and planned bringing down the stepmother. They set up a large high-class event, and invited many riches and officials, themselves guising as foreign stockholders. The stepmother arrived surely enough, and while there Yuki revealed herself to her, and all the screens in the area were set to show everyone the data from the drone and how it was set to assassinate Yuki.

The stepmother was put under arrest and Yuki regained her father's company.